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About the “Who”
Who is in your building? Personal, instant identification.
Being able to greet and interact on a personal basis with every person inside your site gives your clients the impression of client service far beyond the norm.  “Home is where they know my name.”  Do you know your client’s name?  More importantly, do all your staff know your client’s names?
About the “Where”
Left all alone? Where is everybody?
What if I told you that there is a way to actively interact and engage with your visitors, effectively tracking their movements within the building?  This is the core of Membered In – the ability to identify, track and interact with people throughout a demarcated area.

How do we achieve this wonderful place of zen?  Simple.  a Membered In site is equipped with beacons spread throughout the building.  When a person running our app on their mobile device comes within range of the beacon, the app reacts to their location and sends us a signal.  At the same time the beacon can return content to the mobile device in question, allowing you the ability to create a ‘walking’ tour of your building as well as actively tracking location throughout your site.

About the “What”
What’s everybody up to?
Now that you know who everyone is and where they are, how about knowing what they are up to?  Because each station is configured with active content, you can instantly determine how effective your stations are and how involved in the content your patrons are and become.
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